The Proper Insurance policy, through Bridger Insurance entirely replaces a dwelling or landlord policy. It is written as a business policy, giving the short-term vacation rental owner comprehensive coverage for their building(s), contents, commercial business liability, and business income. It also includes personal liability when the rental “doubles” as the owners primary residence.

  • Custom-penned and underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, AM-Best’s Rated A
  • Commercial Package Policy: coverage for building(s), contents, liability, and income
  • Building(s) and contents: special cause of loss (all-risk) with replacement cost valuation
  • Liability: $1,000,000/$2,000,000 in commercial general liability (business liability)
  • Income: actual loss sustained business income coverage with no time limit
  • Additional $1,000,000 in personal liability when vacation rental also “doubles” as a primary residence
  • Enhancement coverage for damage to the building(s) and contents caused by a guest, including theft
  • Enhancement coverage for animal/pet & liquor liability
  • No vacancy or standard occupancy restrictions as found on homeowner’s and dwelling policies
  • Liability continued over amenities: swimming pools, hot tubs, bicycles, small watercraft, rec areas + more
  • Sole Props, Corporations, Partnerships, LLC’s, Trusts, accepted as named insureds
  • Designed to entirely replace the current coverage on the property

More Reasons To Recommend Proper | ​Our Policy Also Covers You

$1,000,000/$2,000,000 in Commercial General Liability – Property managers are automatically added as “additionally insured” on every policy. This is done at no charge. This means if a property manager is found liable for “bodily injury or property damage” occurring from the vacation rental, the owners liability coverage now extends to the manager.

Property Manager Commission Income Protection​ – A first-of-its kind endorsement built into every policy. Under a business income claim, both the owner and the manager receive a business income check. However, the property manager contract must specify as such. Contact Proper for simple contract language examples.