Do You Need Life Insurance?

Bridger Insurance Agency believes you need life insurance if:
You’re Parenting or Expecting. Your children deserve a bright future. Life Insurance can help ensure they get the care and education they need.

You’re Married or part of a couple. Most of us don’t even want to think about not having our significant other around anymore – that in itself would be hard enough. Not having anything to replace the loss of income and that financial contribution could make things even harder. Be prepared.

You Own a Home. Life Insurance can help provide your loved ones with money to make mortgage payments so they can stay in their home.

You Have Aging Parents. You can make sure your parents are well taken care of, even if you can’t always be there in person.

You’re Single, Divorced Or Widowed. If there’s anyone who depends on you financially, or who might be burdened with your medical or funeral expenses, consider buying life insurance to provide them with the funds they’ll need. Take the worry away with a life insurance policy.

Put your financially security in the hands of Chris Harrison, owner of Bridger Insurance Agency and your Bozeman Life Insurance Agent.

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